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About us

Two extremely involved parents, two quirky boys, and one strong bond.

There's never a dull moment being parents of two boys, and being the parents of two boys with autism means there is more energy, more laughs, lots of silliness, big challenges and greater rewards. 

Inspired by our boys we decided to create The Super Kids Club, to highlight all the amazing things children with special needs can accomplish. All the super powers they possess and all the love they have to give.

We are growing our collection of wall inspiration decals because from our own experience we think its a great addition to our home. The messages can be used as points of conversation, as home decor, and as reminders to our children about things that matter to us.

Why Fit In Wall Decal

Being the kid fashionistas that we are, we can never find enough autism empowerment shirts that represent all of their extra super powers so we decided to make our own. Check our our collection of t shirts here designed by us!


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